Q&A: Airbags and Auto Accidents

Auto Accident Lawyers Brooklyn NYHopefully, you will not need an auto accident lawyers Brooklyn NY locals recommend, at least, not anytime soon. In a collision, drivers want to rely on their airbag deploying as needed. Unfortunately, our experience as Brooklyn auto accident lawyers has shown that airbags do not always deploy when needed. That can result in significant injuries that otherwise might have been avoided.

Whether an airbag is activated or not depends on many factors including speed, and the direction of impact by another vehicle or object. Sensors in the car trigger an airbag to release. Below we have answered questions about when or why airbags work, and other important information. If you have recently been in an auto accident, visit the nearest hospital to receive an evaluation and treatment for injuries. Contact auto accident lawyers in Brooklyn NY for answers to legal concerns you may have about seeking compensation from the party who caused your accident.

Why Would an Airbag Not Deploy?
Airbags are not designed to deploy in all car accident scenarios. The following are examples of when an airbag may not activate:

  • The crash is moderate enough to where the airbag would not be necessary in order to protect the driver (assuming he or she is wearing a seatbelt). A seatbelt may be sufficient to protect the driver or passengers from suffering chest, head, or neck injuries.
  • Advanced frontal airbags turn off automatically on the passenger side, when sensors detect that a small person or child is in the front seat. The sensors base this on the weight of the person in the seat. Vehicles with advanced side airbags may also operate in a similar fashion. The airbag should not deploy when the passenger is small or very light weight as it can hurt them. If an airbag injured someone in your vehicle, contact auto accident lawyers Brooklyn NY victims trust to protect their rights.
  • In some used vehicles, an airbag may not activate if it was deployed in a previous car accident and not replaced.

Where Are All the Airbags Located in a Car?
This depends on the kind of car, but airbags are usually installed in the front and side areas. Side airbags tend to inflate more quickly, due to less space between the driver, passengers and the site of impact. Frontal airbags are mainly installed into the steering wheel and dashboard.

If an Airbag Deploys, Does that Mean the Car is Totaled?
It is commonly believed that if an airbag releases due to an accident, a car is considered totaled. Airbags deploying does not necessarily mean a car is automatically totaled. If the cost of fixing the car and replacing the airbag is more than the total loss threshold, then it is considered a total loss. Installing new airbags can be expensive, so vehicles that are low in value can more easily be declared a total loss if the airbags deployed.

Can I Replace My Own Airbag?
An improperly installed airbag can deploy accidentally and cause injury to the driver or passengers. It may be best to have a certified technician replace your airbag to reduce the possibility of injury. If a technician installed or replaced your airbag which deployed improperly and caused an injury, contact auto accident lawyers Brooklyn NY residents choose in similar circumstances. It’s possible that the technician may be liable for your injury.

Do Airbags Cause Any Injuries When Deployed?
The driver or passenger where an airbag deploys may experience abrasions, burns, bruises, blunt trauma, internal organ damage, sprained extremities, or a loss of consciousness. In some cases, it can cause a fatality. If you or a family member was injured by an airbag, contact auto accident lawyers Brooklyn NY motorists turn to from our office to see if the injury is eligible for compensation.

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