Commercial Truck Dangers

Commercial Truck Dangers

Trucking Accident Lawyer New York NY

A Trucking Accident Lawyer New York NY Trusts Discusses Commercial Truck Dangers

When an accident occurs between the average car and a commercial truck, the car driver is much more likely to experience severe injuries that could quickly become life-threatening. A New York NY trucking accident lawyer knows that trucks pose a danger to other drivers simply due to the vast difference in size and weight. The average truck can weigh anywhere up to eighty thousand pounds, while the passenger vehicle is about three thousand pounds. Any driver who has ridden next to a truck that is swerving or speeding understands the fear and intimidation a truck can cause.

What is considered a commercial truck?
Commercial trucks are also sometimes referred to as a big rig or semi. A commercial truck is often assigned the duty of traveling from one destination to another while carrying a hefty amount of goods. These trucks are very large and difficult to not notice while driving on the road or freeways. A truck driver must obtain a specific license that permits them to operate these large vehicles. Other types of trucks that are considered commercial vehicles include freight trucks, tanker trucks, and eighteen-wheeler trailers.

What causes a truck driver to hit a passenger vehicle?
A truck driver may crash into a vehicle for many reasons. The driver may have committed any of the following illegal or reckless behaviors:

  • Not braking in time to prevent from hitting a car who stopped ahead.
  • Speeding due to the pressures of getting to the destination on time.
  • Being tired and distracted, resulting in swerving into nearby lanes.
  • Failing to look for other vehicles before changing lanes or turning at an intersection.
  • Failing to see or account for cars that may be driving in the blind spot.
  • Not being properly trained in order to safely operate a commercial vehicle.
  • Not practicing healthy sleeping patterns and falling asleep at the wheel.

What kind of injuries may a passenger vehicle driver suffer from?
After an accident with a truck, the car driver may suffer from agonizing and painful injuries. Due to the sheer weight and size of a commercial truck, the car driver is at serious risk for conditions that are long-term and also life-altering. A New York NY trucking accident lawyer has represented many clients who have suffered these types of catastrophic injuries. A more comprehensive list of possible injuries can include:

  • Traumatic brain and head injuries
  • Fractured bones
  • Crushed extremities
  • Serious burns (due to harmful chemicals leaking from the truck)
  • Nerve damage to the spinal cord
  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ damage
  • Road rash (if the victim was ejected from the vehicle at impact)
  • Skin lacerations (from glass or flying debris)
  • Emotional and mental challenges

Do victims of a truck collision seek the help of a legal professional?
Many people who were struck by a truck and now face substantial financial and physical damages, often turn to a trucking accident lawyer New York NY clients recommend for advice. Depending on the severity of injuries and subsequent medical costs, a driver may decide to file a civil lawsuit for medical compensation. It is recommended that any person involved in a truck accident gets medical attention right away, and keeps all paperwork related to the injuries, as this may become useful during your lawsuit.