Are Witnesses Key to My Car Accident Case?

Are Witnesses Key to My Car Accident Case?

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Car accidents can be a very scary, stressful, and even painful event to go through. Many people end up with some type of injury, ranging anywhere from mild to life-threatening. Amidst the chaos of a car wreck, it can be easy to forget how to handle the situation and what evidence to collect at the scene. Witness statements are one form of evidence that can make a huge difference in your case if you decide to sue the driver at fault. Having someone other than yourself, who has no relation to you, can be used in support of your case.

In the article here, we have answered common questions about how and why witnesses can be so crucial at the scene of an accident.

Should I ask the witness for a statement at the scene?
Depending on how severe the accident, you may or may not want to ask any more than the witnesses name and contact information at the scene. If things are tense and you have a medical emergency, it is not quite the right time to have him or her answer a series of questions. What you can do is write down the witnesses name, email, and phone number. When you consult with your attorney about the incident, he or she can be the one responsible for getting statements from the witnesses.

What elements can affect witness reliability?
While gathering witness information is helpful, it cannot benefit your case if those witnesses lack reliability. Depending on a witness’ perspective and at what point they saw the collision happen, they may or may not have strong reliability. Here are a few main factors that can determine the reliability of a witness:

  • Was the witness was driving a car, on the sidewalk, or in a building when they saw the accident occur?
  • Was the witness watching leading up to the accident happening, or was their attention drawn due to the sound of the crash?
  • Was the witness at all distracted by their children, pets or other people?
  • Is the witness’ statement actually based on what someone else said? Or did they see the accident themselves?

What characteristics of a witness may my attorney look for?
It is likely that your car accident lawyer in Bronx NY will talk with the witness to determine if he or she can benefit your side of the case. Not only must the witness be reliable and honest, but does not side with the driver at fault. Characteristics that may be taken into consideration regarding the witness can include:

  • If the witness is a convicted felon
  • If the witness is known for being dishonest
  • If the witness has a relationship to the victim
  • If the witness is poor in sight or hearing
  • If the witness was under the influence at the time of observation

Do all victims involved in a car accident sue the at-fault driver?
Victims who have suffered injuries that surpass what rest and a first aid kit can offer may wish to meet with a car accident lawyer Bronx NY drivers trust. This is particularly true for those who are in a financial crisis as a result of emergency bills and are looking for repayment from the at-fault driver.

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