Frequently Forgotten Aspects of Motorcycle Riding

Frequently Forgotten Aspects of Motorcycle Riding

When becoming a motorcycle rider, there is an unlimited number of safety measures and questions to ask yourself before getting on a bike. Due to the body vulnerability of motorcycle riders, there are plenty of protection concerns and precautions to consider. Here we have answered some of the frequently forgotten aspects of riding, that a motorcyclist may not think about until much later on.

Hopefully, these questions and answers below can help you get the full picture of preparation when getting acclimated to your new form of transportation and leisure. From liners to GPS systems, and used helmets to air ventilation, all matter when it comes to safety and lessening the chances of a motorcycle accident happening to you.

Should I wash the removable liner in the helmet?

If you have a helmet with a removable liner, then you are in luck. Sweat and products on our hair easily get absorbed into the removable liner and cause it to break down sooner. By washing this simple yet important piece to the helmet puzzle, it can help keep a proper fit and minimize unappealing stench. A slight smell is not so great, but it is worse to overuse the liner which can result in a reduction of its effectiveness.

How can I use GPS or listen to music while riding?

Some motorcyclists enjoy riding while listening to music, or need to follow direction instructions via GPS. There are helmet options where speakers are built in and can easily pair with your accessories through Bluetooth. You can choose to purchase a clip unit which attaches to the outside of a helmet, but it may cause noisy wind sounds.

Can I purchase a used helmet?

It is highly recommended that a motorcyclist never purchases a used helmet, under any circumstances. A used helmet may not have visible signs of use, so you can’t truly know the level of protection it will offer you. It may not be worth saving a few dollars on a low-quality helmet, which is so vital to your safety. The EPS layer of a helmet absorbs impacts. If it has already been used or is damaged, you may not be fully protected during a motorcycle accident.

Is airflow important when buying the right helmet?

Yes, sufficient airflow is important when buying the helmet for you. Getting air is not simply for comfort purposes, it actually helps rid of toxic gas from the exhaust, which can accumulate inside a helmet. A properly manufactured helmet for air circulation will have holes in the EPS liner, a chin vent, and well-designed ventilation channels.

Are all face shields for helmets made the same way?

Some shields for the face of a helmet are made through an injection mold, which results in a product with minimal imperfections. Other shields may be bent into the shape of a helmet and can result in obvious distortions of vision. When trying on a helmet, look for the range of peripheral vision and if the shield gets foggy very quickly. There are helmets on the market that come with a coating to protect against fogging.

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