Tips to Prevent a Pedestrian Accident

Tips to Prevent a Pedestrian Accident

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When walking around or crossing the street in public, a pedestrian is at risk of being struck by a distracted or reckless driver. There are ways people can help lessen the chance of a pedestrian accident happening to them. Because pedestrians cannot always rely on cars to drive with care, the following FAQ covers the main ways someone can practice safety when in the presence of vehicles.

If my eyes are on the street, does it matter if I have my headphones in?

When crossing the street, it is best to use all off of your senses to watch out for cars. You may be looking one way, but do not hear a car coming from the other direction. It is recommended by a pedestrian accident attorney from New York, NY that pedestrians take their headphones out, stop or pause phone calls, and remain alert when attempting to cross a roadway.

Why is using a cell phone while crossing so dangerous?

Whether we like it or not, cell phones may have become our biggest distractions to life. Our phones are always with us, usually in our hands or in an immediate pocket, and can easily be whipped out to check an email, alert or text message. These brief moments in which we get a ding can be the moment we needed to pay attention to the roadway the most. It can make the difference between if you notice a car speeding recklessly your way around a corner, or not.

If there are no crosswalk areas near, it is okay to cross in the middle of the block?

It is best to cross in white outlined areas. In the event you were to get hit while within a crosswalk and file a lawsuit against the driver, it can be an influential factor in your compensation award. It may take only a few extra minutes, but crossing where designated is the safer option.

How can someone be safer while walking at night?

In the mood of the evening, many people naturally opt for darker clothing. Despite looking sleek, this is a major disadvantage when walking near or crossing next to vehicles, as a pedestrian accident attorney in New York, NY knows all too well. To help drivers notice you, it can be helpful to wear a bright accent color so you are more readily seen.

What if I need to walk down a street but there is no sidewalk?

If you have to walk down a street and no sidewalk is available, the next best thing to do is walk facing the traffic coming towards you and move over to the side as much as possible, as explained by a NYC pedestrian accident attorney. The reason why you do not want to walk with cars going the same direction as you is because you will not be able to jump out of the way if a distracted driver swerves out of their lane towards you.

Are there any other small tips that can make all the difference?

Make eye contact with the driver. By doing this, you are making a human connection which can motivate the driver to be safer in your presence. This also increases the likelihood the driver is actually paying attention to you since their eyes are not down on their phones or playing with the radio.

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