Brain Injury is Different Than Personal Injury

Brain injuries are more common than people think. Football fields, car accidents and hockey rinks are dangerous grounds for brain injuries. It is often assumed that all personal injuries are the same, but this is untrue because brain injury is a severe and serious injury and needs to be treated in many unique and special ways. Brain injury victims’ diagnosis, recovery time and treatment time is usually longer and extremely different.


If your head was injured in an accident and ranges from a very mild and unalarming concussion to a serious TBI (traumatic brain injury), you should seek medical attention immediately. Sometimes injuries to the brain do not present themselves right away, and weeks later serious symptoms start to show. Going to the doctor is a faster and more efficient way to find any problems that might have arose during the accident. However, even after seeing the doctor for an initial visit, it can still take a large amount of time to figure out what the problem is, what could have caused it and how it should be further treated.

Recovery Varies

Victims of brain injuries may need years to recover both mentally and physically, depending usually on the severity of their injury. Often times in home attention and regular physical training may be required with physical rehabilitation. Sometimes even years of hospitalization or even coma can occur. Drastic changes in personality and mood are common in those with TBI. Usually it takes years to recover from a brain injury.

Brain Injury Victims Have Much More at Stake

Brain injury is one of the most serious and devastating injuries in personal injury law. They can affect your quality of life, with many victims of brain injury getting seizures that prevent them from doing everyday things like driving, or even working the same job as before their accident. Medical bills can even drive families into credit card debt and bankruptcy quickly. Brain injury victims have more at stake because they can lose many of their traits that make them unique. Personality, attentiveness, listening skills, eyesight and sense of humor are a few things that may be lost in a brain injury victim. If you or a loved one experienced a brain injury accident and were not at fault, you should contact a brain injury lawyer Orlando, FL, residents rely on. They can help you pursue a lawsuit and seek compensation for medical bills.


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