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Laurence C. Tarowsky, Attorney at Law is a personal injury lawyer who New York residents lean on when they need help with recovering their accident damages. He has helped thousands of clients recover significant sums of money from those responsible for their injuries. In fact, he has won millions of dollars for his clients over the years. Our legal team is available for a brief, no-cost consultation to discuss your case.

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Personal Injury Case Reviews

If you have been significantly injured in any kind of an accident and it was the fault of someone else’s negligence, Laurence C. Tarowsky, Attorney at Law may be able to help you. As a respected personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn, he is thoroughly familiar with the laws that might affect your claim or lawsuit. To assist you in making informed decisions about how to proceed moving forward, he can review your personal injury case. By learning more specifics about the circumstances that caused your injury, he can determine if he may be able to help you recover your damages.

Recoverable Damages

When a personal injury lawyer works on your case, they can determine which damages qualify for eligibility. Laurence C. Tarowsky, Attorney at Law is familiar with what personal injury costs can be included. If you do not have legal experience, you may not realize the extent of what can be reimbursed from the insurance company or the at-fault party.

Some of the types of accident-related damages that can be claimed include:

  • Costs for home and healthcare such as a nurse’s aid, cleaning person, special medical equipment, and other necessary items to assist you while you recover from your injury. A personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn can review your injury costs and determine which can be included in your claim.
  • Medical supplies, medications, doctor’s visits, etc. A personal injury lawyer will need copies of your receipts and medical records to prove that they are costs related to your injury.
  • Transportation costs to and from necessary medical treatments, etc. From the ambulance transportation at the scene of the accident to taxi rides to your doctor’s office, anything that is related to your personal injury can be included in your claim.
  • Treatment costs for surgery, physical rehabilitation, counseling sessions if you are experiencing emotional trauma, etc. The list is long for what can be included in your claim. Your attorney can meet with you at length to review your unique circumstances. With a thorough understanding of how the personal injury has affected your life, Laurence C. Tarowsky, Attorney at Law can help you pursue the maximum possible compensation from those responsible for your injury.

Settlement Negotiations

The at-fault party’s insurance company will likely want to avoid going to trial over your claim. However, they will not be quick to offer you a fair settlement. Laurence C. Tarowsky, Attorney at Law has a successful record of negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. He can work directly with the carrier so that you don’t have to, and more than likely he will be able to negotiate a fair settlement agreement.

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