Can I Apply for Disability Because of Back or Knee Pain?

If you have been diagnosed with chronic knee or back pain, you should seek professional opinion from a social security attorney as to if you qualify for SSDI or not. Applying because of knee or back pain can be difficult because a large number of people experience it on some level. The SSA is constantly assessing applications to figure out who is truly incapacitated and unable to work. There are a few criteria they look for to assist in their decision. You are always able to apply, but you may be concerned that you will not be approved. Make sure to check the other requirements for eligibility before applying. SSDI eligibility requires more than just records of an injury. Your age, income and work history are all eligibility factors and you will have to have those records along with your medical documentation to prove it. Also make sure you check your application to ensure the information is correct before submitting it for review.  Here are a few qualifications you must also meet before applying for SSDI.

1. You have gathered all of the information needed from your doctor. Every claim is highly scrutinized by the SSA. Documentation of your pain from your doctor is useful evidence to provide to the SSA. Any documentation of the following should be used when making your claim:

2. Your doctor has given you a diagnosis of a condition that will last for at minimum one year. This is an important step in convincing the SSA that you are unable to work due to pain. The Blue Book is used by the SSA to decide which medical conditions can qualify you for benefits.Most pain issues require you to prove the severity and longevity of your condition, and some diagnoses will automatically qualify you.. Tests will result in a diagnosis providing data on the seriousness of your knee or back pain.

  • any test results
  • X-rays of the affected area
  • diagnosis
  • MRIs
  • full medical history
  • and any other records that may further prove your case

3. You have consulted a lawyer. Applying for SSDI for your knee or back injury can be complicated to say the least. Many applicants are denied and must reapply before they are approved for SSDI benefits. Having a SSDI attorney by your side helps your chances in being approved because they can advise you on putting together the best application possible. Please do not hesitate to contact disability lawyer Memphis TN and locals.

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