Seek Justice with the Help of a Construction Accident Attorney Bronx NY Offers

Construction Accident Attorney Bronx NYIf you lost your spouse to a workplace accident, you may be able to get justice with the help of a construction accident attorney in Bronx, NY from the Law Office of Laurence C. Tarowsky. Though we may be able to negotiate a substantial settlement on your behalf, nothing will bring back your loved one, and we understand that. Our legal team is sensitive to this and to the emotional chaos that families suffer from losing someone in a senseless accident. A settlement will not turn back the clock but it can pay for the medical treatment that your loved one needed and for the lifetime of wages that they will not earn in the future. A successful claim can also send a message to those responsible that their negligence is not acceptable. It might even prevent future injuries to other construction workers. Call us at the Law Office of Laurence C. Tarowsky to speak to a knowledgeable construction accident attorney who can review your case at no charge.

Options for Seeking Compensation for Your Loved One’s Death

If your loved one worked as an employee for a construction company or a contractor, they may have qualified for workers compensation. However, fatal accidents typically equate to significant damages and very often, the total far exceeds the cap on workers compensation benefits. A construction accident attorney from our firm can provide you with more information as it applies to your case, but you may be better off seeking an alternative method of compensation. In this scenario, an attorney from the Law Office of Laurence C. Tarowsky can file a wrongful death claim against the party or parties responsible for your spouse’s fatal accident. If the claim is denied, we will be prepared to escalate the claim to a civil lawsuit if necessary. In most scenarios this will not be needed as the responsible parties will usually prefer to avoid the costs and negative publicity associated with a court case.

Common Construction Accidents

Construction accidents come in all forms. In fact, government studies show that construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Sadly, one in five construction accidents result in a fatality. Regardless of what kind of construction accident your loved one was involved in, a construction accident attorney from the Law Office of Laurence C. Tarowsky may be able to help your family. Here are some of the most common construction accidents that result in fatalities:

  1. Falls. Around a third of fatal construction accidents are due to workers falling.
  2. Electrocutions. Improperly grounded equipment, fixtures, wiring, or electrical boxes.
  3. Caught in or between. Some examples are being hit or run over by a crane or other type of construction equipment, a cave-in, machinery that sucks in a limb or the head, or crushed by large objects.
  4. Struck by an object. Falling objects are not unusual on a busy construction site. Objects can include anything from hammers to beams to drywall and everything in-between.

Talk to a Construction Accident Attorney in Bronx, NY Who Can Help Your Family

If you lost a loved one in a construction accident, call the Law Office of Laurence C. Tarowsky. We provide surviving family members a free consultation with a construction accident attorney Bronx NY community members trust.