Injured at a Venue – Who is to Blame?

Who is Liable?

If you or a loved one was injured at a venue (for a concert, wedding, etc) and you are wondering if you can pursue a lawsuit, the answer is yes. However, before you go forward with this action, you must first determine if the injuries inflicted are severe enough for you to seek any form of compensation. If you are mildly injured, as in someone knocked you over while moshing at a rock concert or stepped on your toe and bruised it while dancing at a wedding, you will most likely not be able to sue the venue. But, if you were seriously injured, like if something from the venue fell and hit your head leaving you with a concussion, you definitely could sue for medical expenses and any lost wages you have incurred. An event hall Glendale CA recommends can tell you that because fault in this scenario is defined as intentional negligence or misconduct on the venue’s part, their carelessness resulted in damage or harm of an individual. Reputable venues do whatever they can to ensure accidents don’t happen, but some situations still slip through the cracks.

Comparative negligence is usually used in personal injury cases involving venues and businesses. This allows the court to consider your percentage of fault with that of the opposition. Even if you are deemed partially at fault (you were at the event by choice), you can still pursue a lawsuit and have a chance of winning.

Documenting the Accident

You should try to remember to document the accident once it occurs. A good way to do this is to handwrite notes at the scene of the accident if possible. You will probably be very flustered and unsettled, however it is crucial to gather evidence that can help support your lawsuit.  There may be weeks, sometimes even months or years between the incident and your lawsuit, and it is easy to forget important details surrounding it during this time. Jotting down a quick account of what happened, any events that led up to the accident, who was present, and if any witnesses were around is an excellent way to prove misconduct on the opposition. If there are, in fact, witnesses around you need to ask them to write a testimonial to what they saw, sign the paper, and give their contact information. You can also document the accident by taking pictures on your phone. Remember to videotape or take snapshots of the scene, your injury and areas surrounding the scene.

Contact an Attorney

When making the claim with your insurance company, be sure to gather and submit your photos, testimonials, and notes. Consider contacting an attorney to find out how to further pursue a lawsuit against the venue or performer and to make sure you are getting compensated fairly for medical expenses or lost wages. If you are not happy with the compensation offered, you can always dispute the claim. Having a personal injury lawyer will make this process a lot easier.

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