Medical Malpractice Lawyers Brooklyn NYWhen your doctor causes you to suffer injuries or harm as a result of their treatment, you may benefit from consulting one of the skilled and knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyers Brooklyn NY has to offer. Lawrence C. Tarowsky, Attorney at Law, is highly experienced in the area of malpractice, and may be able to recover damages for your personal injury.

What is medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is when a doctor or medical professional performs, or does not perform, his or her medical duties and this results in harming the patient.

  • Most commonly, medical malpractice derives from improper treatment or diagnosis.
  • The resulting injury is often in addition to the original injury, or else it’s an aggravation of the patient’s original condition.

The Basis for a Claim

In order to prove that malpractice occurred, a claim must meet certain requisites. Experienced medical malpractice lawyers Brooklyn NY clients seek for this kind of personal injury case must prove:

  • That there was a relationship between the doctor and the patient.

This means that you and the doctor you are suing had an agreement in regards to your treatment, and that you visited, consulted with, and were treated by the doctor.

  • That the medical professional acted negligently.

That is, the doctor who treated you caused harm in a way that another doctor acting competently in the same situation would not have. If you are simply unhappy with the results of your treatment, that alone does not mean the medical professional can be held liable for malpractice. The more experienced medical malpractice lawyers Brooklyn NY residents turn to in similar circumstances will seek to prove that the doctor was not “reasonably skillful and careful.”

  • That negligence led to the injury.

It can be difficult to prove that the doctor caused you harm because most malpractice cases involve people who were already injured or sick. You must be able to prove that the medical professional’s incompetence or negligence was directly responsible for your injury. A medical expert’s testimony about this can contribute to the strength of your case.

  • That the injury led to certain measurable damages for the patient.

Though the doctor may have not met a reasonable standard of competent performance, medical malpractice can be challenging to prove without tangible evidence of the harm you suffered. Medical malpractice lawyers in Brooklyn NY can sue for physical and mental pain, additional medical expenses, or the loss of earning capacity or work ability.

Medical malpractice lawyers Brooklyn NY clients trust will conduct a thorough review of the medical facts and records in order to determine if there is basis for a malpractice claim.

Working With Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Cases of medical malpractice are subject to a complex body of regulations, so speaking with an attorney is an essential first step. Lawrence C. Tarowsky, Attorney at Law, has the diligence, focus, and capability to help you seek damages for the suffering you’ve experienced. To consult with one of the medical malpractice lawyers Brooklyn NY recognizes for personal injury expertise, call 212-947-2099 today for your free initial consultation.