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Construction sites can be very dangerous places to work, as a construction accident attorney in New knows all too well. Construction workers can get seriously hurt from falling from heights, electric shock, slip and falls, or in any number of other ways. Some of these injuries are life-threatening and require long-term care. If you were injured at a construction site, the Law Offices of Laurence C. Tarowsky can assist you in receiving compensation for your injury. Our firm has more than three decades of experience in helping people secure compensation for their injuries.

Types of Construction Injuries

Though the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) reports the percentage of construction accidents have declined in the last forty years, there are still millions of people hurt on the job each year.

There are several injuries which could result from being on construction sites, including:

  • Injuries from falling from ladders, scaffolds or high places
  • Being crushed by a falling object
  • Injuries from falling objects or materials
  • Back and joint injuries from heavy exertion or lifting
  • Injuries due to long-term repetitive motions
  • Injuries from sharp objects
  • Strained joints or broken bones
  • Respiratory problems or other issues from toxic substances
  • Loss of a limb, finger, or toe

If you have sustained a construction-related injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Without correct legal representation, the insurance companies may not give you the amount you deserve. At the Law Offices of Laurence C. Tarowsky, our firm can protect your interests and get you the full amount you are entitled to for your specific circumstances.

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If you are injured and uncertain about your future, you want someone on your side that you can talk to when you need to. Our firm offers direct lines of communication where you can reach a person with our 24/7 call answering service. We are proud of our dependable availability for our clients.

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