“Thank you Laurence for fighting on my behalf so I could get compensated after my trip and fall accident.  You truly are an excellent attorney, and thank you handling things the way you did.  Thank you for your patience with me.  I have always appreciated the time you took to explain the mysterious ways in which my case was working over and over again to me.  Thank you for helping me during my time of hardship, and for helping me deal with my pains, complaints and all of the rest.”

A.J.-Brooklyn, N.Y.

“I met Laurence after being involved in a car accident.  With his tenacity, determination, along with his commitment to maintain a relationship, I am pleased to say that he is a hard working individual that knows how to get the job done.  He has a generous spirit, and is also a loyal and positive person.  He has always been available to provide extra help for my family and me.  I will always remember his willingness to help me during my time of need.  It takes a person that is committed to leave an important meeting on short notice to come to the aid of someone.  With his actions, I consider him more than my lawyer, rather I see him as my friend.”

H.C.-NYC, N.Y.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts on my behalf.  Although the injuries I suffered will never completely heal, the compensation you were able to secure through your diligent, persistent and professional efforts lead me to hope that, in the future, those responsible will be more careful so this doesn’t happen to another unsuspecting pedestrian.  I personally believe you performed a real public service and I want you to know I appreciate the attention you paid to my case.”

R.F.-Bronx, N.Y.

“Laurence has given me strength, and reached out to me when I needed a hand.  He has blessed me with his caring heart.  Best of all, he has become my friend, and that is the most beautiful blessing anyone could ask for.  Thank you very much, Mr. Tarowsky for all of your helpful ways.”

A.S.-Queens, N.Y.

“Laurence Tarowsky has helped my family with multiple cases.  I have known him for a number of years and thoroughly trusted his skill and advice to my family members in need of his services.  He has treated each case equally.  Fraught with stress and anxiety as such matters often are, Mr. Tarowsky is always wonderful about explaining the various options to my family members and giving sound advice as to strategy and, ultimately, resolution of the case.  I have the utmost confidence and respect for his ability as an attorney, and also for his ability to recognize the human element in these cases.”

L.N.-Brooklyn, N.Y.