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I Have the Utmost Confidence and Respect for His Ability as an Attorney

“Laurence Tarowsky has helped my family with multiple cases.  I have known him for a number of years and thoroughly trusted his skill and advice to my family members in need of his services.  He has treated each case equally.  Fraught with stress and anxiety as such matters often are, Mr. Tarowsky is always wonderful about explaining the various options to my family members and giving sound advice as to strategy and, ultimately, resolution of the case.  I have the utmost confidence and respect for his ability as an attorney, and also for his ability to recognize the human element in these cases.”- L.N.

Laurence Has Given Me Strength, and Reached out to Me When I Needed a Hand

“Laurence has given me strength and reached out to me when I needed a hand.  He has blessed me with his caring heart.  Best of all, he has become my friend, and that is the most beautiful blessing anyone could ask for.  Thank you very much, Mr. Tarowsky for all of your helpful ways.”- A.S.

I Want You to Know I Appreciate the Attention You Paid to My Case

“Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts on my behalf.  Although the injuries I suffered will never completely heal, the compensation you were able to secure through your diligent, persistent and professional efforts lead me to hope that, in the future, those responsible will be more careful so this doesn’t happen to another unsuspecting pedestrian.  I personally believe you performed a real public service and I want you to know I appreciate the attention you paid to my case.”  - R.F.

I Consider Him More Than My Lawyer, Rather I See Him as My Friend

“I met Laurence after being involved in a car accident.  With his tenacity, determination, along with his commitment to maintaining a relationship, I am pleased to say that he is a hard working individual that knows how to get the job done.  He has a generous spirit and is also a loyal and positive person.  He has always been available to provide extra help for my family and me.  I will always remember his willingness to help me during my time of need.  It takes a person that is committed to leaving an important meeting on short notice to come to the aid of someone.  With his actions, I consider him more than my lawyer, rather I see him as my friend.”    - H.C.

Thank You for Helping Me During My Time of Hardship

“Thank you, Laurence, for fighting on my behalf so I could get compensated after my trip and fall accident.  You truly are an excellent attorney and thank you for handling things the way you did.  Thank you for your patience with me.  I have always appreciated the time you took to explain the mysterious ways in which my case was working over and over again to me.  Thank you for helping me during my time of hardship, and for helping me deal with my pains, complaints and all of the rest.”  - A.J.

My Favorite Thing About Him Is How Easy He Is to Contact

“Lonny Tarowsky is great. He really eased my nerves and made such a stressful situation much easier. He is super trustworthy and professional, he changed the stereotype I, unfortunately, had about what lawyers and lawsuits are like. Just be patient and do everything he says, you will probably get a better result from it. My favorite thing about him is how easy he is to contact, he always keeps you updated on your case and is never hard to reach. I really had a great experience with Lonny and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone I know.”- D.R.

When Everybody Else Said ‘No’, He Found a Way

“Mr. Tarowsky is an amazing lawyer when everybody else said ‘no’ he found a way. He silently works for you, the key is to be patient and he will get you the results. My family and I greatly appreciate all the hard long days he worked on our case and obtained the surprising results we wouldn’t have even expected. He’s like family even though we met him under due circumstances! Just be patient and let him work his magic. He’s a lawyer that truly works for you to get you the most compensation he can. I 100% recommend Mr. Laurence Tarowsky, he will not let you down.”- R.R.

Mr. Tarowsky’s Experience and Patience Are Evident in the Advice He Gives

“Mr. Tarowsky’s experience and patience are evident in the advice he gives and the results he achieves.”    - B.G.

I Would Recommend Him 100%

“Mr. Tarowsky is very knowledgeable and experience I would recommend him 100%.”    - S.M.

Great Lawyer to Have on Your Side

“Great lawyer to have on your side. He is more than just 5 stars.”    - D.M.

Excellent Manner, Excellent Results

“Mr. Tarowsky is a true professional. Though tragic events brought me to require his services, the experience of talking to him and relying on him for legal representation has been all but. I recommend Mr. Tarowsky for anyone who is in need of a true professional and perhaps more importantly — a decent human being. Excellent manner, excellent results.”- B.M.

He Is the Answer to Your Problems

“If other lawyers said no, lawyer Tarowsky will say yes and he will bring smiles to your face. He did it for me so he can equally do it for you. He is the answer to your problems.”    - A. I.

Very Reputable Lawyer

“Mr. Tarowsky was always straightforward. He never hesitated to face any challenge about some cases he took care of for me. He won a case that a previous lawyer handled very poorly and a case that I almost lost. Very reputable lawyer.”    - D.C.

I Knew That My Family Had Made the Right Choice of Attorney

“Mr. Tarowsky is the utmost professional and devoted attorney that my family has had the pleasure of working with. While working with him, my perspective never faltered and I knew that my family had made the right choice of attorney.”    - G.O.

I Could Not Have a Better Attorney Than Mr. Tarowsky

“I have had a good experience with Mr. Tarowsky thoughtful and excellent at his job I could not have a better attorney than Mr. Tarowsky. I will recommend him to anyone. He is worth more than five stars.”    - D.A.

He’s a Lawyer That Cares

“Mr. Tarowsky is a great lawyer. He always has time to answer questions about your case and pushes for the best deal for his client. He’s a lawyer that cares.”    - D.S.

Works Hard and Fights to Get You What You Deserve

“I am proud to have Mr. Tarowsky as my lawyer. He is very knowledgeable at what he does, works hard and fights to get you what you deserve. He makes you feel important and number one. I would recommend him to anyone.”    - M.P.

Couldn’t Be Happier with the Result

“A pleasure to work with and an excellent result as well! From the initial contact with Mr. Tarowsky (Lonny), I felt that he genuinely wanted to help me and comfortable with him representing me on a personal injury case with a spa. Although this was not a major event or settlement he treated me as a top priority. After providing the initial information and documentation for my case there was very little I needed to do.  I was provided regular updates on the status and Lonny continued to put pressure on their insurance company to ensure I received a maximum fair settlement.  I believe the final settlement was more than 15 times their initial offer. Overall I am very glad I made the choice to contact Lonny and couldn’t be happier with the result. While none of us ever want to NEED a personal injury lawyer, I can assure you this one will make the experience as comfortable and simple for you as possible. Thank you again, Lonny, for everything!”- C.A.

His Expertise Led to a Very Favorable Outcome

“I highly recommend Lonny Tarowsky. He is very bright and extremely knowledgeable. From the moment I made the call, he guided me in a very professional and effective manner. His expertise led to a very favorable outcome. I strongly suggest you call Lonny if you find yourself in a difficult situation and you need the best legal advice possible.”    - -D.B.

I Could Not Be Happier with the Services I Received

“I could not be happier with the services I received from Mr. Laurence C. Tarowsky. He is extremely efficient and professional. He was responsive to my phone calls and emails and always available to answer questions. EXCELLENT!”  - H.M.

Mr. Tarowsky Gets the Job Done

“Mr. Laurence Tarowsky has earned the trust and respect from my entire family.  I have known him for the past twenty years and he is our ‘attorney of choice.’  His remarkable personality puts you at ease and he is always accessible to his clients to answer any questions. He would frequently take the time to call and update you, with regards to your case, or simply to find out how you were feeling and offer some words of encouragement. This type of professionalism and caring is rare in his profession. Mr. Tarowsky gets the job done. I don’t only refer to him as my attorney, he is also my friend.”    - C.L.

He Keeps You Informed at All Times

“I will recommend Mr. Tarowsky to be your attorney 100%. He handled my accident case in 2008. Mr. Tarowsky is all about his clients and the well being of them, he would answer all questions, if he missed a call from you he will call you back, he keeps you informed at all times. A great man he is, we still keep in contact if I have any issues be it what, he’s always there to advise me.”    - C.F.

He Stands up for Your Rights and Helps You Get What You Deserve

“Mr. Tarowsky is a great attorney and works very hard for you. He stands up for your rights and helps you get what you deserve, and works very quickly to resolve your issues.”    - J.F.

From the First Day I Met Him I Knew I Was in Good Hands

“Mr. Tarowsky handled my car accident case, from the first day I met him I knew I was in good hands. I was given great advice on what I was to be focused on during the case and Mr. Tarowsky, as well as staff, were very prepared and organized. Most importantly I received more than what I expected as far as compensation. I would definitely recommend Mr. Tarowsky and his staff, I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience.”- D.B.

I Highly Recommend Him to All My Friends and Family

“Lonnie is not an ‘ambulance chaser!’ He is honest, reliable, straightforward and extremely professional. He is always available to answer my calls and give me advice as needed. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family and to anyone who needs a professional, honest attorney.”    - K.D.

An Extremely Positive Experience Working with Laurence C. Tarowsky

“It has been an extremely positive experience working with Laurence C. Tarowsky. He’s always helpful when working on my cases. Compassion is an understatement, he authentically cares and would go to the end of the earth for his clients, 24/7. I don’t just speak for myself, but the countless clients I refereed his way. Tarowsky is more than my attorney, he is family. He truly is the best lawyer on the planet.”- N.L.

Se Que Fue La Mejor Decision De Mi Vida en Contratarlo a El

Lo que yo puedo decir del Abogado Lawrence Tarowsky que el me represento en un accidente  de transito, y se que fue la mejor decision de mi vida en contratarlo a el. Desde que empeze con su asistencia el siempre estubo hay para aclarar mis dudas, me mantenia al tanto del progreso de mi caso y en el aspecto medico algunas veces me acompaño a las citas y eso no lo hace ningun abogado. Aparte de ser mi abogado lo considero como un amigo y parte de mi familia. Siempre vivire agradecido de el porque lucho por mis derechos. Lo recomiendo porque es un excelente profesional y un gran ser humano. “What I can say about Lawyer Lawrence Tarowsky that he represented me in a traffic accident, and I know it was the best decision of my life to hire him. Since I started with his assistance he always tried to clarify my doubts, I kept up with the progress of my case and in the medical aspect he sometimes accompanied me to appointments and that is not done by any lawyer. Apart from being my lawyer, I consider him as a friend and part of my family. I will always be grateful to him because he fights for my rights. I recommend him because he is an excellent professional and a great human being.”- J.V.

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