Laurence C. Tarowsky, Attorney at LawHow to Plan Against a Slip & Fall Accident | Trip and Fall Lawyer Brooklyn NY


Tripping, slipping and falling can happen to anybody; whether in your own home, while visiting a loved one, or during browsing at a retail store. You are not able to control the environment when spending time in another person’s home or the building you shop in. However, you can practice safety in your home to help prevent against a slip and fall injury happening to you or visitors. Below we have covered five tips that can help lessen the chances of a guest slipping and falling in your home.


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#1 Keep All Walking Areas Free of Debri

By making the effort to keep walkways clear of clutter, it can significantly reduce the chances of an injury happening. A path that has strewn toys, clothing, shoes or other objects in the way can quickly result in tripping and falling if you are not watching your step.


#2 Sufficient Lighting

Adequate lighting indoors and outdoors can help brighten areas that are common walking pathways. Hazards can become threatening especially when not easily seen. Place a light fixture in places that tend to be dark in your home. Consider placing lighting outdoors as well, for when you are walking into your home late at night.


#3 Handrails on Stairways

If your stairs do not have handrails at all or the current rail is weak and broken, you may want to consider replacing it right away. If you reach out for support in the midst of falling on the stairs and are unable to catch yourself on a handrail, it can have disastrous results.


#4 Keep Step Stools Around

Buy a few step stools to keep around the house yet out of the way, to help with reaching high places when needed. If there is no step stool readily accessible, someone may be tempted to use shaky chairs or tables for support. The key point in this tip is to not keep step stools in spots where you may trip on them. Ensure the stools are stocked away in a closet but can be quickly located.


#5 Organize Cords

Household cords for the phone, internet, power and other utilities can create an abundance of walking obstacles. Try to organize cables through gathering together with a zip-tie and moving out of the walkways. Do not place cords so they run across hallways or the middle of rooms, as this is can be an immediate threat when passing.


Slip and fall accidents can result in very serious conditions, including fractures, internal bleeding, traumatic head injuries, sprains and more. Contact a trip and fall lawyer Brooklyn NY relies on at Law Offices of Laurence C. Tarowsky for a consultation regarding your slip and fall accident. Our law firm can be reached during business hours.