Car broken in the accident near a truck on the highway E40 in Poltava, Ukraine

Laurence C. Tarowsky Attorney At Law is a trucking accident lawyer New York NY residents trust who understands the potential dangers of motor vehicle accidents. Legal representation by a truck accident lawyer helps to ensure that your rights are protected. You and your family should receive the financial compensation you deserve for injury or loss that is the result of the negligence of another driver on the road.

While there are many laws surrounding semi truck use and commercial license hauling, a number of professional drivers suffer from fatigue while driving, caused by going without enough sleep or may they may speed to cover more distance. This and other acts of negligence can make their vehicles downright dangerous on our roads. If you have been in an accident with an overtired or overworked semi driver, we can help you get the compensation your situation warrants. Laurence C. Tarowsky is a trucking accident lawyer New York NY drivers rely on to get positive results.

What Are Some of the Most Common Examples of Truckers Acting Negligently?

Establishing negligence on the part of the trucker is crucial to win lawsuits, as well as for personal injury claims. A skilled trucking accident lawyer New York NY motorists turn to for legal representation must be able to prove beyond a doubt that the trucker was at fault. Otherwise, the trucking company’s insurance company will deny the victim’s personal injury claim. If the accident victim’s attorney deems that a lawsuit is unavoidable, proof of negligence will be necessary to win the lawsuit and collect damages. As an experienced New York trucking accident lawyer, Laurence C. Tarowsky understands what is required to build a solid case. He will use every resource available to him to prove that you deserve compensation for your accident-related damages. Here are two common examples of negligence that can lead to a collision between a truck and another vehicle:

  • Unsecured loads. If a truck is carrying a load that is improperly secured, the contents can go airborne and collide with one or more vehicles around them. Even objects that are not heavy can be dangerous as they can obscure the view of other drivers. They can also cause serious road hazards that lead to blowouts or force cars to leave their lane and collide into another vehicle. Flying trash, tires, metal parts, tarps, and gravel can wreak havoc on the roadway. Truckers, the trucking company, and anyone who was responsible for loading the truck can be held responsible for any resulting accidents and damages. A trucking accident lawyer New York NY victims trust may perform a post-accident forensic investigation if warranted. At the conclusion of that investigation, it may be determined that more than one party should be held responsible for causing the accident and each may be named as defendants in a lawsuit.
  • Erratic driving. If a driver is distracted while driving, or driving while under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, they may become unpredictable in their actions. Unexpected stops or slowing, weaving in and out of lanes, not signaling, not properly turning are all instances of negligent driving that often lead to serious accidents. A trucking accident lawyer in New York NY may be able to use dash cam footage to prove the driver was negligent by driving erratically and that it led to the accident with their client’s vehicle.
  • Defective parts. Commercial trucks are usually equipped with specialized gear. Chains, cargo lifts, several spare tires, oversized side mirrors, multiple mud flaps, and other equipment are often necessary for the full functionality of the truck. When one of those parts breaks, or is defectively manufactured or installed, they can separate from the vehicle and enter the roadway. If the truck is traveling at a high rate of speed, even the smallest of metal parts can plunge through a passenger car’s windshield. That can lead to a catastrophic accident. It is the driver’s responsibility to perform an inspection of his or her truck prior to each leg of each route. If the driver is not responsible for the part that caused the accident, it’s possible that the part manufacturer can be held liable.

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