What You Need to Know About Driving in the Snow and Ice

What You Need to Know About Driving in the Snow and Ice

Nobody likes driving in snowy and icy conditions, however, if you live in New York, it’s just a fact of life. Though the risk of an accident happening is higher in these conditions, there are various things you can do to help limit that risk. Our firm has compiled a list of various safety precautions, as well as actions you may take on the road to help ensure your safety. Please read on to learn more:

  • Preparation is key. Before setting out, you must ensure you pack various snowstorm-related items. For example, pack extra food and water–you never know how long you may get stuck somewhere. Additionally, you should pack supplies, such as extra coats, hats, or gloves, as well as flashlights or small shovels to help dig you out of snow. Ice scrapers are also especially useful tools, and you should always have one readily accessible in the winter months.
  • Never leave your house or apartment with less than a half a tank of gasoline. If you get stuck or are caught in hours of traffic, you will need your car for heat.
  • Drive slowly and safely. Though you should always drive under the speed limit, this is especially true when driving in dangerous weather conditions. Additionally, by the same token, you should stay far back from other motorists in case they suddenly brake, and you should also ensure your tires are in tip-top shape, or even consider purchasing snow tires.
  • Do not brake while traveling uphill in the snow or ice unless absolutely necessary. You need momentum on your side.
  • Ensure your exhaust pipe is cleared before starting the engine to avoid carbon monoxide leakages in your car.
  • Ensure your phone is charged, or that you at least have phone chargers on hand. You need to be able to call someone in an emergency situation, and you cannot do so with a missing or dead phone.

Unfortunately, taking precautions and obeying the rules and regulations of the road is not always enough to avoid an auto accident. However, if you have been injured due to another party’s negligence, you must reach out to our experienced New York firm as soon as you possibly can. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in New York is, generally, three years, and if you wait too long you may be denied your right to the compensation you could use towards your recovery. Our experienced New York personal injury attorney is here to fight for your rights.

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