How to Recover Compensation After a Sidewalk Accident in New York State

How to Recover Compensation After a Sidewalk Accident in New York State

Though we seldom think of the sidewalk as a dangerous place to be, the truth is, sidewalks across New York are the sites of more accidents than you may think. If you are someone who has recently been injured in a sidewalk accident, you are most likely now seeking financial compensation to help cover the cost of your medical bills, in-home care, lost wages, and more. Please read on and reach out to our compassionate, knowledgeable firm to learn more about how we can help you. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are the most common causes of sidewalk accidents?

Sidewalk accidents, though oftentimes unpreventable, generally stem from property owner negligence. Property owners are responsible for ensuring their sidewalks are safe, and when they fail to do so, people are injured as a result. Some of the most common safety hazards that cause sidewalk accidents include standing water, uneven surfaces, inadequate lighting, loose debris, and weather-related safety hazards, like ice and snow, left unattended past the legally acceptable period of time.

How do I recover compensation after I have been injured in an accident?

To win financial compensation, your attorney will first have to determine the party liable for your injuries. Oftentimes, people assume the state or municipality is responsible for keeping sidewalks reasonably hazard-free when in actuality, it is oftentimes the responsibility of a private property owner to keep his or her sidewalk clear. Once your attorney identifies the party responsible, he will then work to satisfy the burden of proof. Simply put, this means that your attorney will work to obtain evidence to prove your personal injury claim. Security camera footage, medical documents, witness testimony, police reports, and more are all excellent ways to prove these claims.

What is the statute of limitations in New York for personal injury claims?

The phrase “statute of limitations” simply refers to the amount of time you will have to take legal action against another party. Since the statute of limitations for premises liability claims in New York is, generally, three years, you will generally have three years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit against a negligent private property owner. Do not make the mistake of putting off filing–the longer you wait, the harder it can be to prove your claim. Our firm is ready to help you recover the compensation you need to get back on your feet again.

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